Digital Prosumerism is a term to describe the way we interact with technology and online media. It refers to the way we both produce and consume data on the internet.
Breaking up Internet usage into these two categories provides a system of classification which can help the stakeholders define their habits, methods and goals better. In the generation of Web 2.0, platforms are only framework for users' content. Users spend time producing information in the form of images, art, opinions and news and moreover, equal or more time consuming information provided by others.This makes the internet an unprecedented participatory medium and therefore its effects on the users and vice versa are profound.

Here are some of the proposed interventions for a set of problems related to prosumerism.
OnTrack App | A tool for informed users to further track their actions and empower them with information to control their internet habits.
Problems Addressed
- Inefficient internet usage and time wastage due to bottomless bowling
- Low attention span and distraction
- Using others' exaggerated online identities as a comparison point for one's own life
- For platforms - poor quality of consumer engagement
Use OnTrack to track your activity level and the amount of time you spend producing and consuming content.
Set goals to increase/decrease production and consumption based on your needs. 
If you need to post multiple times a day to increase your online presence, receive notifications during the best times to post and insights about your content.
Take back your agency from the platforms profiting on your attention. OnTrack gives you information and asks you questions that helps you make better decisions.
Newsbalance Website | A website concept to help users become aware of and break out of the ‘filter bubble’.
- Echo chamber / Filter bubble - tailoring of content and news to a degree that feeds and limits your perspective
- News bias - news propagates through reactions and opinions over fact
- Internet gullibility - accepting information on the internet as fact
Newsbalance allows registered users to post links to news articles from verified websites with tags that indicate the stance of the article.
The articles appear in two columns that represent both sides of the same topic. Sorting by the community and a few moderators maintains the reliability of content. Articles that are upvoted appear towards the top of their respective leaderboards.
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